Strongly aromatic, sweet, pleasant, warm, but hardly bitter or astringent, this is the most important spice growth in Sri Lanka. It is derived from the bark of an aromatic coniferous shrub CINNAMOMUM ZEYLANICOM.

The total area cultivated is around 42,000 acres of which 69% is pure crop, 24% mixed crop and 7% from scattered home gardens, meeting around 85% of the world demand for Cinnamon, of approximately 7,000 metric tons. The main peeling seasons are April/May and September/October.

'The major cinnamon grades that we handle are C5extra special, C5 special, C5, C4, M5, M4, H1, H2 and quillings. These grades are sold either in quills or cut form.

We are also manufactures of Cinnamon Powder.

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