They have a hot, piney taste and adds flavor to almost every food of every nation in the world. Black pepper is the dried whole corn or berry from vines called PIPPER NIGRUM LINN, grown in mixed gardens and under scattered shade trees of tea, coconut and cocoa plantations. The total area under pepper cultivation in Sri Lanka is around 6,000 acres. Generally picked before ripening, the main season for pepper is from December to February.

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Did you Know?

As far back as the ancient eras, the spice we know as black pepper actually had monetary value.  It was used in the market place and in other places in place of money.


How it Grows

Black pepper grows in almost all types of soil. Pepper grows best at 20–30°C and Peppercorn (berry-like fruit) matures in 5 to 6 months.




Pepper gets its spicy heat mostly from the piperine compound, which is found both in the outer fruit and in the seed. Black pepper contains between 4.6% and 9.7% piperine by mass

Health Benefits

Black pepper is known to have a great amount of antioxidant properties. It is a home remedy for relief from sore throat, throat congestion, cough etc.