Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sanath de Silva

Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, he was the former Executive Director of Sherman Sons Limited and was the Executive Director responsible for its subsidiary Spiceco Limited, the spice export arm of Shermans Sons Limited. He has more than 30 years experience in the Export Trade.


Ms. Deepa de Silva

She is the major shareholder of the Company. She currently manages the Administration and the Human Resource activities of the Company.


Mr. Viraj de Silva – B.A. (Hons) – Business Finance - ACMA

He graduated from the University of Darham and holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Finance and also an Associate Chartered Management Accountant.

He started his career at Asia Capital Limited and rose to the position of Asst. Vice President in the Corporate Finance Division of the Company.  After a period of 5 years with them he then joined M/s. MTD Walkers PLC which is a public quoted company as its Group Financial Controller and he currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Company.

He contributes his expertise towards the Company, as and when necessary.



Mr. Mark Sylvester

He has been in the export trade for over 25 years and has considerable experience and knowledge of the cinnamon trade and export of other Sri Lankan spices.

He has been with the company from its inception and has made a significant contribution towards acheiving its goals. He now serves the company as the director in charge of operations. 


Mrs. Asanka Amaratunga

She is a shareholder of the Company and is not involved in any executive functions of the Company. 



Mr. Amandha Fernando – ACMA ( Alternate Director for Mrs. Deepa de Silva)

He is a CIMA passed finalist, and has over three years experience with Hatton National Bank, FCBU Operations, and presently is in the Garment Industry.  He is currently the Finance Director of Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd.